Getting Out of the Dinner Rut

I am a creature of habit. And two months ago our dinner menu pretty much consisted of the same 7 or 8 meals every week, all month long. And we were getting really sick of spaghetti, tacos, and chicken & rice.

But it was easy. And easy was important.

When I sat down to make a weekly menu, I kept thinking of the same meals to make. We were in a rut.

So then I sat down and tried to make a monthly menu. And spaghetti was only allowed to be on it once. So using my dear friend Pinterest, I found a bunch more recipes (some easy, some more complicated) to add to the menu.

Making a monthly menu sounded like a really daunting task. And I was NOT looking forward to it. But I actually found that it was really simple. I just pulled out my favorite recipe books and starting listing out meals. Then each week I can choose the meals that fit that weeks schedule. And since I made the list before going grocery shopping for the month, I know I have all of the ingredients.

So far it's been a lifesaver. I'm just hoping I can keep it up!