Wedding Week ~ Our First Year

When talking with different people throughout our engagement, they would use words like "different" and "transition" to describe the first year of marriage. You would think that moving in together would be a big transition, especially since Ryan was still getting used to his new job and I hadn't made an entire meal at one time before, but it wasn't.

Did we miss the boat? I'm not sure what kind of experience those people had, but for us, everything seemed natural and easy.

Somehow it felt like we had been married forever already, and yet it also felt like we just got married the week before. 

We haven't been apart for this entire year. I know there will be times when one of us has to travel without the other (two trips are already scheduled for this fall!), but it has been wonderful for us to be together every night for our first year.

We celebrated our anniversary with 9 days of fun activities, starting off with Homearama and a visit to MOCA to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. Monday and Tuesday were spent on a fabulous mini work-cation in Corolla.

Wednesday we celebrated the holiday with my family and then photographed the fireworks. (Be on the lookout for pictures tomorrow!)

Then of course we had to eat the top tier of our wedding cake. Yummy! Although shortly after cutting into it,  an entire side of frosting separated from the cake. So we have to add the frosting back on top whenever we cut a slice.

And of course we watched our wedding video again.

Sunday we finished up our celebration with a yummy Greek dinner, a photo shoot (in 101 degree weather), and froyo from Sweet Frog.

(Side note: check out the extra bling on my left hand!) It's been a great first year! And I know it's just going to get better!