Wedding Week ~ Our Engagement

Not to be confused with Wedding Weekly, Wedding Week is a short series of posts to celebrate our first anniversary. (Seriously, how are we already at this point?)

The magical day of our engagement was two years ago, July 3, 2010. Ryan originally planned to propose during the fireworks on July 4th, but he just couldn't wait.

(All pictures below are by Rebecca Franklin Photography)

Ryan and I planned to graduate in May of 2011, so we had been talking about getting engaged during the summer of 2010. So obviously, the whole summer I was on edge, just waiting for it to happen. On June 24th, Ryan texted me and asked when I would know my ring size. I got really excited, because I knew that meant he was ready to buy the ring. I told my mom, and she offered us a diamond that she had inherited from her great aunt.

I gave the diamond to Ryan and he must have worked fast, because the next Friday evening we were walking on the beach and he had the ring in his pocket. We sat down on a sand dune and talked for a while, and then he got down on one knee. And of course, I started crying. He said a bunch of really sweet things, but all I remember is, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

I said yes, obviously.

And it was perfect.

That night we called our parents and grandparents and a few of our closest friends, but decided not to make it Facebook-official until after the church picnic the next day. We really enjoyed watching the news spread through the grapevine as people found out in groups. We were quite the hot topic that day.