Final Questionnaire

Your wedding day is so close and it's time to nail down all those final details! This form will help us be 110% prepared for your wedding day! We've already discussed a lot of these items, but some of your plans may have changed since we first booked. Please take a few minutes and fill out this questionnaire in its entirety. (It doesn't save if you don't complete it in one sitting!) I'll follow up with an email if I have any questions. If not, we're all set for your big day!

I can't wait for your wedding day! It's going to be amazing!!! 

Name *
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
First look location, portrait location, etc.
If we are traveling to multiple locations on the wedding day, do you have a plan for transporting the entire bridal party? Keep in mind this plan might have two versions: before you see the groom and after.
Portrait Details
Pre-ceremony Pictures
Check all that apply.
Post-ceremony Pictures
Check all that apply.
If so, what is the sendoff: sparklers, bubbles, flower petals, etc.
Please describe any special songs, unity candle, communion, or other special elements that will take place during the ceremony.
If so, please include a contact person and phone number.
Flower girl, ring bearer, etc. Please specify. If any attendants are under 12 years old, please specify age.
Family Pictures
Our goal is to take family formals in 20 minutes. However, this is only possible if we are organized beforehand! If you have a very large family and more than 10 group photos, I suggest saving some of the extended family shots until the reception (see group pictures below) so that family portrait time will not run behind and keep guests waiting. Please make sure that family members know where and when to meet for pictures.
Please include names so we can call family members by their first name as we organize portraits. Example: B&G with Bride's Parents (Don & Maria) and Siblings (Alex, Sophia). Also, please specify if there are step-parents and step-siblings involved in portraits.
For example, divorces, deaths, or separations. We want family formals to be a pleasant experience, so we want to avoid awkward situations if certain family members don't get along or don't want to be grouped with other family members. Thank you!
Are there any groups of extended family or friends you would like photographed during the reception? If so, please make sure the DJ or MC is aware of this so we can coordinate the best time for these shots.
This allows for reception details to be photographed before guests are seated.
What special dances are you doing?
Check all that apply.
What events do you want photographed?
Check all that apply. This question will help evaluate if we need to extend photography coverage to include more reception events.
For example, a charm on bouquet, piece of jewelry from a relative, etc.
Please include anyone else who is playing a big part in the day.
We don't want the bridesmaids and groomsmen getting hangry!
Feel free to put more than one answer. Also, if you have any surprises for your guests (or for your groom), this is a great place to tell us so we can make sure to capture it!
Last section! You're almost done! Please include the name and website for all vendors so I can credit them in my blog post. and don't forget to share special little details, like your necklace that your aunt wore on her wedding day.
Please specify.