Final Questionnaire

Your wedding day is so close and it's time to nail down all those final details! We've already discussed a lot of these items, but some of your plans may have changed since we first booked. Please take a few minutes and fill out this questionnaire in its entirety. (It doesn't save if you don't complete it in one sitting!) I'll follow up with a phone call if I have any questions. If not, we're all set for your big day!

I can't wait for your wedding day! It's going to be amazing!!! 

Name *
Family Pictures
Please make sure that family members know where and when to meet for pictures.
Please select which groupings you would like for your family pictures
Please allow 2 minutes for each additional shot.
Everyone listed in the above groupings so we can call them by name. Specify relationship to you.
For example, divorces, deaths, or separations. Please include how you would like your family pictures taken in light of these circumstances.
Are there any groups of extended family or friends you would like photographed during the reception? If so, please make sure the DJ or MC is aware of this so we can coordinate the best time for these shots.
Please describe any special songs, unity candle, communion, or other special elements that will take place during the ceremony.
For example, a charm on bouquet, piece of jewelry from a relative, etc.
Feel free to put more than one answer.
I got most of the vendors from sterling, but here are the ones I'm missing