Giving Thanks for 2017 Couples

Giving Thanks for 2017 Couples

I've probably mentioned before that words of affirmation are my love language, so it makes my heart so happy to hear that our couples love their wedding images. And many of them take time out of their newlywed bliss to leave us a review online. We even had a bride leave us a review before she had received her entire gallery!

Not only are these online or handwritten love notes from our clients to us super meaningful, but they are also really helpful for newly engaged couples, because choosing a photographer who is the perfect fit for you is HARD! The couples we work with are very similar to each other. Our couples (well, mostly our brides) are very organized and detail oriented. A lot of them are introverted and a little nervous about being the center of attention on their wedding day. And often they're a little camera shy too! That's why words like these are so rewarding for us to hear:

Featured: Knotsvilla and Tidewater & Tulle


We's so excited to share TWO recent features today! Emma & Tyler's beach wedding was featured on Knotsvilla. You won't want to miss all the sweet symbolism they wove into their day!

And Julia & Tyler's wedding at the new Noah's Event Venue in Chesapeake was featured on Tidewater & Tulle! They picked the perfect color palette and I just loved their wedding video by Dogwood Visual!

2017 Feature.Julia & Tyler on T&T.jpg

Life Right Now - Darcy 1 Year

Darcy & Family 12 Months-119.JPG

I started the Life Right Now series to help me remember some of the little moments of our lives. The kinds of things that don't even make it to Instagram (because we all know there's a LOT that doesn't make it to Instagram!) The kinds of things that would slip through the cracks of our memories if we didn't record them. The kinds of things that I never want to forget, no matter how small they might seem.

Life right now is a full-on obsession with socks. Grabbing clean socks out of the laundry basket. Pulling off his socks in the car. Carrying a favorite sock around the house and even chewing on it at times.

Life right now is watching Scorpion and Good Mythical Morning in the evenings.

Life right now is holding back bursts of laughter around Darcy, because it scares him and his little face crumples into tears if he doesn't understand what is going on.

Life right now is thinking about Christmas every 5 seconds even though I'm usually a stickler for one holiday at a time.

Life right now is diapers changes that feel like wrestling matches.

Life right now is a brand new obsession with essential oils. (Yes, I jumped on that YL bandwagon.)

Life right now is rewarding Lucy with treats when she patiently tolerates all of Darcy's grabbing and poking.

Life right now is wobbly first steps and lots of climbing.

Life right now is sweeping up handfuls of food on the floor after every meal - and sometimes changing Darcy's clothes too.

Life right now is taking WAY too many photos every time Darcy gets close to a pumpkin! And just wait... Christmas is bound to be worse!


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2017: Behind the Scenes

2017: Behind the Scenes

Last weekend we wrapped up our 2017 wedding season with a destination wedding in Lexington, Virginia for a couple who lives in ALASKA! It was awesome! Now that we've blogged their wedding, it's officially off-season! The behind the scenes and bloopers blog post is one of my favorite blog posts to put together every year. Usually it goes up mid-December, but I couldn't wait to share them. Bring on the embarrassing photos!

Megan & Hamilton - VMI and Lexington Country Club Wedding

Megan & Hamilton - VMI and Lexington Country Club Wedding

It was just two days after Christmas. His flight wouldn’t take off for nearly 8 hours, but Hamilton decided to go and sit at his gate anyway instead of aimlessly wandering the airport shops. What difference did it make where he sat for all that time?

She shifted in the uncomfortable airport chair. The cold, gloomy weather outside matched her tired and uninterested mood. Her flight would be leaving soon and she was more than ready to board the plane and get home. She kept checking the time, but it seemed like they would never call for boarding.

Then a handsome stranger sat down next to her and struck up a conversation. She chatted politely, grateful for a way to pass the remaining minutes before her flight home. She told him her name: Megan. They chatted about everyday things: where they were headed; how they had spent the holiday. When they called for boarding, he asked for her email address, and she gave it to him.

Soon after they parted, the announcement was made that Hamilton’s flight had been reassigned to a different gate farther down the terminal. He rose and collected his things to move to his new departure gate.

It was the most ordinary of moments in the most ordinary of places. But those few minutes he spent sitting in an uncomfortable airport chair at the wrong gate would change everything.

Virginia Wedding Venues

Virginia Wedding Venues

There's a shiny new ring on your finger! Congratulations! Now that you've called all your friends and family, it's time to find a wedding venue! This first step of the wedding planning process isn't easy, because there are so many beautiful choices! And the venue affects the entire wedding, from the style to the size to the budget.

I have collected all of my favorite Virginia wedding venues into one place to hopefully make this process a bit easier for you. As you can see, the Hampton Roads area has a lot of beautiful options for your wedding day, whether you want to have a small nautical affair or a large garden wedding.

Each venue listed below is linked to a wedding or stylized shoot I've photographed there, so you can get an idea of what the possibilities are and if it might be the right venue for you.