Goodbye 2012!

It's hard to believe that 2012 is almost over already! I'll be doing a lot of reflecting the next few days and I'm sure you will too. So I wanted to take a look at some of the big moments of this year with some Instagram photos.

Seeing Wicked

Perfecting our homemade pizza - never again frozen pizza!

Finally becoming a two car family

Visiting my Nana

Second shooting 6 weddings this year

Sweet Tooth ~ Brownie Covered Oreos

One of my favorite activities every Christmas is making Christmas cookies. It's a great activity for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages. Dana Made It has an excellent rolled sugar cookie recipe that I use each year.

But for this year's cookie exchange, I needed something a little easier than cutting out and frosting 36 beautiful shaped cookies. So we chose a yummy recipe that had been a hit a few years ago at a New Year's Eve party: the Brownie Covered Oreo.

We wanted to use the Christmas Oreos this year, but they were sold out so we ended up with our personal favorite, the mint flavor.

Now, prepare to be amazed at the intricacy of this recipe...

Step one: Whip up a brownie mix.

Step two: Drop the Oreos in one by one.

Step three: Put the coated Oreos in a greased muffin tin (use a spoon!)

Step four: Bake!

They certainly don't come out as pretty as they do on Picky Palate, but I've given up on making beautiful food. As long as it tastes good, I'm satisfied.

If you don't make any other recipe that I feature on Sweet Tooth, seriously give this one a try. I promise, you'll be hooked.