Our Little Yellow House: Two Years!

Two years ago we signed the scariest paperwork of our lives and became owners of our little yellow house! In celebration of that, I wanted to share 10 fun facts about our house.

1. Our house has a hashtag. That's not really news to most of you, but our original tag #ourlittleyellowhouse was being used by someone else. I tried to ignore it for a while, but it really started to bug me when she didn't seem to notice we had over 50 posts and she had just a handful. So we've officially moved over to a new tag - #ourlittleyellowhouseinva. We've learned our lesson. We'll be much more specific with tags moving forward.

2. Our house's previous owners were a bit eccentric. We're still piecing together bits and pieces of information from our neighbors, but apparently they used to hang their laundry out the front second-story windows to dry. (When we have a perfectly good backyard they could have used instead!)

3. The night before we closed, we did our final walk-through. And I looked around at all the work that needed to be done and thought "What did we get ourselves into?"

4. The house has everything from our "must have" list, but it's missing a few things from our want list. Namely, a fireplace, a dining room (which Ryan didn't want), and a separate laundry room. Having the laundry in the garage isn't a big deal, except for the sawdust and construction debris we're constantly tracking back in the house.

5. Our house was built in the 80s. While I'm all for keeping the character of older homes, there will be no trace of the 80s when we're finished!

6. When we first moved in, I was a little concerned about the limited closet space (although it was still an upgrade from our apartment), but now I think it's the perfect amount of space and I appreciate that it keeps us from going crazy and collecting too much stuff.

7. The master bedroom was painted the brightest yellow and we hung up the only set of curtains we had that would fit, pea green. It was like Green Bay in there for a few months!

8. We didn't think there was any wall paper in the house, until we moved in and discovered that the hall closet (which was now empty) had wall paper on the back wall! That was the very first bit of demo we did!

9. I went a little crazy with the moving organization. Each box we packed up had a room initial and number (Like K3 would be Kitchen box 3). In a notebook, I wrote a list of everything that went into each box. This was helpful for a couple reasons. We knew which boxes we needed to open up first. We knew which boxes could wait a while. And if we lost any boxes (which we didn't), I would know what needed to be replaced. And on top of that, the duct tape on the top of the box explained whether it should be carried upstairs or left downstairs, so that boxes would be somewhat close to their eventual destination.

10. We laugh when people ask if we're done renovating. There's always something else to do. Although I will say most of our rooms are 80-90% done, we still have two we haven't started at all yet plus the garage, so there's plenty to keep us busy for the next few years. 

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