Posing: From the Engagement to the Wedding

It seems that the engagement session is one of my favorite things to talk about. Why you should have one, what you should wear, what location you should choose... I've just about covered it all. But I thought it would be fun to compare posing from the engagement session and the wedding day. I've mentioned before that one of the biggest reasons to do an engagement session is that we have time to play around with posing... time that we definitely don't have on the wedding day.

Even if we plan 30-40 minutes for bride and groom portraits (which I try to), it often gets cut short because we're running a bit behind. I've had as little as ten minutes to do bride and groom portraits! That's certainly not ideal! But if that's what we have to work with on the wedding day, it's nice to know that the couple is familiar with the poses that we're going to do.

So here are a few comparisons of poses we've done in both the engagement session and on the wedding day.

The poses aren't exactly the same, because that's not what we're aiming for. But when you run through a bunch of different poses at the engagement session, you can get a lot of different images pretty quickly on the wedding day. And when you're already doing portraits with the bridal party and the family, it's nice to be able to shoot as efficiently as possible. It's hard work smiling that much!


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