Wedding Weekly ~ A Portrait Scheduling Tip

I've already talked through the process of creating a timeline (herehere, and here), and I'll cover first looks on another day, but today I just wanted to get something off of my chest. And that's the importance of spreading out the portrait schedule.

There is a big problem with cramming all the portraits into an hour and a half after the ceremony. The bride and groom are hot, tired, and hungry and they want to call it quits. I have actually seen this happen! Portrait time should be fun and relaxing, not so stressful that you stop before you've gotten more than 5 shots of you and your new husband.

But this can be a problem whether you do all the photos before the ceremony or after. So my suggestion? Start with the most important photos first: bride and groom portraits. These are the pictures you'll be hanging on your wall for years and showing your grandkids. Don't skimp on this category!

Build in some sort of break. Maybe do a first look and bridal party portraits before the wedding and the family formals after. Maybe do them all before, but have a snack break in between or drive to another location. Just have a bit of downtime where the bride and groom can get off their feet and drink some water.

The wedding day can be exhausting for the bride and groom, but with careful planning, portrait time will be enjoyable and not something they regret later.